Jonas Brothers' Sex Lives Revealed by ... Mom!

Jonas Brothers' Sex Lives Revealed by ... Mom!
The Jonas Brothers

06/03/2009 AT 03:40 PM EDT

They're usually tight-lipped on relationships and girlfriends but the Jonas Brothers aren't so private anymore. And it's all thanks to Mom.

In an interview with Good Housekeeping", Denise Jonas talks about raising the trio, their fame – and, yes, the fact that they will have sex someday.

"They are men. They have desires. They have testosterone," she says. "If they make a mistake, I'm not going to hate them."

"I don’t think they are above or below being seduced," she adds. "I would be foolish if I thought that. They are tested and tested, like every one of us. I pray for them."

Purity Rings

As for the purity rings Kevin, 21, Joe, 19, and Nick, 16, all wear, Denise says it was a private decision that's gotten some unwanted attention.

"They've been criticized for proclaiming things they never proclaimed," she says. "And what's the criticism? They don't want to go out there giving everyone an STD? What's so terrible about that?"

"I try to guide them with their choices," she says, adding that she's not making those choices. "They have been hurt in relationships by girls. But it's just about growing up and learning what it means to be in a relationship."

So how do you snag a Jonas Brothers? The answer, according to Joe Jonas, is simple.

"People always ask, 'What's a girl have to do to get your attention?'" says the 19-year-old. "She has to be good to Mom."

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