Chris Brown Steps Out with Rihanna Look-Alike

Chris Brown Steps Out with Rihanna Look-Alike
Chris Brown, his brother Quincy and singer Teyana Taylor
John Raoux/AP

06/15/2009 AT 02:35 PM EDT

When Chris Brown arrived at Game 5 of the NBA Finals in Orlando on Sunday night, fans were shocked to see him arrive with a woman who looked very much like Brown's on-again, off-again flame Rihanna. Wearing dark sunglasses, the woman sat two seats away from Brown, and often leaned forward to talk to him.

It wasn't outside the range of possibility for the woman to be Rihanna. Both singers sat just seats away from each other during Game 4 on Thursday night.

The couple, whose relationship has been rocky since Brown allegedly attacked Rihanna in February, have been keeping their distance from each other recently.

During halftime, a crowd formed around Brown and the woman. A teenage fan got past the bodyguards and took pictures with the couple. "I called her Rihanna and she didn't contradict me," says the fan. "She had a faint accent, so I'm pretty sure it's her."

But it wasn't her. Rihanna was spotted in New York City earlier in the day. And many onlookers thought that the mystery woman had different mannerisms than Brown's ex.

So if the mystery woman wasn't Rihanna, who was she? She was Teyana Taylor, an 18-year-old rapper/singer based in New York.

After the game, Taylor took to Twitter to set the record straight. "If one more reporter says that I'm Rihanna, I'm gonna go crazy," she tweeted Sunday night. A few minutes later, she was even more direct "I look nothin like Rihanna."

Brown's rep couldn’t be reached for comment
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