Coroner: Mia Farrow's Brother Committed Suicide

Coroner: Mia Farrow's Brother Committed Suicide
Mia and Patrick Farrow
Evan Vucci/AP; Alden Pellett/AP

06/17/2009 AT 02:35 PM EDT

Two days after Mia Farrow's brother was found dead in his Vermont home, the coroner determined that Patrick Farrow died of a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.

"These findings are consistent with evidence found during the investigation," Sgt. Tara Thomas, spokeswoman for the Vermont State Police, said Wednesday. "Mr. Farrow's wife contacted 911 upon discovering her husband unresponsive in their home."

Since the death was ruled a suicide, police will not offer further comment on the case.

Farrow, 66, a local sculptor, lived with his wife, artist Susan Farrow, in Castleton, a small town on the New York-Vermont border. He was Mia Farrow's older brother.

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