Levi Johnston Says Palin Resigned over Stress – & Money

07/13/2009 AT 08:40 AM EDT

Though the war of words between exiting Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her former future son-in law – and father of her grandson – Levi Johnston is said to have simmered down, the coals may have been stirred once again by the 19-year-old's candid comments about her on Monday's Today show.

To Johnston, who spoke to the NBC morning program's Ann Curry, Palin's sudden resignation on July 3 was fueled by a combination of her wanting to cash in on her fame and her desire to relieve the stress in her life.

Saying he was "not surprised" by Palin's decision to leave office, Johnston said that the defeated GOP vice-presidential candidate received "tons of offers" after the November election and "talked about how nice it would be to take some of this money and run with it."

Although there had been talk of a reality show involving her family, said Johnston, who lived with the Palins before he and their daughter Bristol broke off their engagement, there was no genuine interest in their doing that. The book deal was different, however.

As for whether the reports of a $7 million advance for the governor's book were true, Johnston, who is seeking an acting and modeling career of his own, said: "I've heard anything from $7 million to $9 million. It's up there."

He also noted a change in Palin after her loss in the general election. She was "not as outgoing," he said. "I didn't see the spark in her eyes about being governor." He also says he stands by his statement, "The fame got to her head."

Asked if he would vote for Palin should she make a future run on the White House, Johnston replied in the negative given her inability, he said, to handle stress.

"After what she had done now, quit in Alaska," he said, "I really don't think I would go for her if she ran for President."

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