Colbie Caillat Has Fun in Her Video Debut!

07/20/2009 AT 02:30 PM EDT

For the first few seconds, Colbie Caillat's video for "Fallin' For You" feels familiar: she's gushing about a new crush to a friend – a guy, she admits, who is not her type.

And then you see her Prince Charming: SNL's Bobby Moynihan, in all his awkward glory. "All my other videos are cute and pretty but for this record, I kind of wanted to show that I could be silly and not so serious," Caillat explains. "I wanted to show another side of how love should be."

While the song is clearly about falling in love, in the video Moynihan is no Romeo. He tries to impress Caillat during a date at the beach, but commits countless faux pas along the way.

"I wanted to show that you can fall in love with someone for not their looks but the dorky little personality things that maybe no one else would love," she says. "[Moynihan]'s totally not my type of guy – he's short and meaty [but] at the end of the video, I just think it's adorable and fall for him."

And while in real life Caillat describes her type as "taller than me ... funny ... career-oriented and driven," she admits personality is more important than everything.

"The two guys I've been in love with have been because I was friends with them first," she says. "Obviously I think that they're cute and handsome but they're even more attractive to me now because I've known their personalities forever and I've fallen in love with that."

As for Moynihan? Seems he may have a shot with the 24-year-old singer after all. While the two haven't stayed in touch since the shoot, Caillat says she had a blast with him. "He's hilarious!" she says. "It was not a work day at all. It was just a fun day at the beach with this goofy guy."

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