Brad Pitt to Run for Mayor of New Orleans … Not

08/13/2009 AT 08:20 AM EDT

With his Make It Right charity producing tangible results in New Orleans's Lower 9th Ward on this, the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Brad Pitt is a local hero – so much so that several citizens have banded together to get him elected mayor of the Big Easy.

If chosen, would he serve? "Yeah, yeah," Pitt, 45, assured interviewer Ann Curry on Thursday's NBC Today show, as she held before him a T-shirt bearing a handsome rendering of his face and the printed slogan, "Brad Pitt for Mayor."

Then with what sounded like his tongue planted firmly in his cheek, Pitt added, "I'm running on the gay marriage, no religion, legalization and taxation of marijuana platform. I don't have a chance."

Pressed on the matter by Curry, who wanted him to get serious about the question of running for office, Pitt reiterated, "I don't have a chance." Finally, he conceded, "It's not what I do best."

Still, who is to argue with the results of his Make It Right foundation? With its goal of building 150 homes by 2010 for those displaced by the tragedy that caused the loss of 4,000 homes, the charity has unveiled new two-story houses by such famed architects as Frank Gehry, 80, whose work includes the distinctive Guggenheim Museum in Bilboa, Spain.

Still, Pitt vented his frustrations at not being able to do even more for New Orleans.

The other topic he touched upon on Today, at Curry's urging, was his view of true love, which he defined for a magazine interview last week. "It's when somebody else's interest trumps your own," said Pitt, as quoted by Curry. As he then told her on Today, "I stand by that."

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