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PHOTO: Kathy Griffin Channels Kate Gosselin

PHOTO: Kathy Griffin Channels Kate Gosselin
"Kate" Griffin
Charlie McKnight

09/04/2009 AT 08:30 AM EDT

With a borrowed hairstyle and bikini-ready body, comedienne Kathy Griffin was a dead ringer for the famous mom of multiples at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood while taping an upcoming skit for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

"She was walking around the hotel and people actually thought she was Kate," says an observer.

Who played Jon in the skit (set to air next week)? Original Star Trek fleet member George Takei.

"Kate who? Just call me Kathy Gosselin," Griffin tells PEOPLE. "All I need now is a sexy bodyguard."

Griffin's skit – a spoof trailer for a fake biopic film called Kate is Enough: The Kate Gosselin Story – will air on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Sept. 9 ABC.
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