Jennifer Garner Knows Her Red Sox Players!

09/22/2009 AT 09:00 AM EDT

Pardon the pun, but Jennifer Garner hit a home run on The Jay Leno Show Monday night when forced to recite the starting lineup for the Boston Red Sox in order to earn the right to plug her new flick, The Invention of Lying.

"Just to annoy" husband and diehard Sox fan Ben Affleck, Leno not only forced her to don a rival New York Yankees cap, but she also had to hold a photo of "her least favorite" Yankee player, Derek Jeter.

Impressively, Garner pulled off the challenge with commentary about her favorites – hey, she admits they watch every game! – but refused to give the Jeter photo to Affleck "as a gift," proving just how smart she really is.
– Kristin Boehm

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