'i Wasn't a Mean Girl'

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She's been outspoken about everything from her bisexuality to her tattoos to her past as a high school outcast, so what's left for Megan Fox, 23, to sound off about? Plenty. The star of the summer smash Transformers 2 and the new horror-comedy Jennifer's Body sat down with PEOPLE's Mary Green to answer readers' questions about her relationship with boyfriend Brian Austin Green, 36, romance rumors about her and Transformers' Shia LaBeouf and her hopes to become a mom.

How did you get through high school with all the mean girls?


Nassau, Bahamas

Not very well. Girls are mean, horrible and nasty. I wasn't a mean girl. I was always sort of picked on. I just grew up a loner and accepted it. I remember feeling hopeless, but you can't feel that way. I just tried not to let it get me down too much and realize it would pass at some point. The things I was made fun of for in school are the things that people now like about me or appreciate about me. One girl came to school on Halloween in a black leather catsuit.... She said, "I'm Megan Fox." It hurt my feelings because I had never done anything to her.

Do you see yourself raising a family?


Pomfret Center, Conn.

Definitely. I consider myself very maternal. I love kids; two, maybe three, sounds good to me. It's hard to have kids in this business because you have to take so much time away. You have to get back to that size 0 or 2 or whatever size you started at ... My boyfriend, Brian, is already a father. I think he's going to be the perfect father [for my kids]. I think we just found a genuine attraction and appreciation for each other. He's a very good person. And he's not afraid to be vulnerable. We just really respect each other.



West Palm Beach, Fla.

I was relentless about torturing my Bible teacher in high school. That was a little inappropriate and not okay.



Springfield, Mass.

I love him to death from head to toe. I find him fascinating, and he finds me interesting for some reason. But it's not a romantic, sexual thing.

What's one thing you want to do in life that would be a great risk?


Reading, Pa.

I'm not giving a very spiritual answer, but skydiving. The older I get, I'm developing this intense fear of heights. I'd like to force myself to do it.

What is your diet-and-exercise routine?



I was noticing I would lose hair, or I'd have these weird health problems. So I started studying the blood-type diet, where they break down what food your body makes the most use of according to your blood type. I found out I'm anemic. I have to eat twice as much protein. That's really my only diet restriction. And then for exercise, I do pilates and acro-yoga, which is a combination of acrobatics and yoga. It's hard!

If you could go on a date with anyone, living or dead, who would it be—and where would you go?


Allentown, Pa.

It's kinda lame, but I would go with Kurt Cobain. I've always really liked him. He hated people, so we'd have to go someplace really private. Like Griffith Park Observatory [in L.A.] at night, when no one else is there.

If you got another tattoo, what would it be?


Baldwin Park, Calif.

I like how writing on the body looks. There's a lot of passages and poems that I'd like to convert to a tattoo. I know I want to finish my arm. I want to put something around Marilyn [Monroe] so she's not just a floating head!

Who is your celebrity crush?


Riga, Latvia

I like Ellen DeGeneres, especially since she got that new haircut. She's funny and so cute. I'm so happy when I watch her.

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