Kate Gosselin Can Trust Very Few People

11/02/2009 AT 08:30 AM EST

Thanks to the media circus surrounding her, Kate Gosselin's circle of trust has dwindled to a tiny size, she tells the Today show's Natalie Morales in an interview to be aired on TLC Monday night.

"[I trust] a very, very small group of people," Gosselin, 34, says.

The surprising number of people she says have betrayed her to sell tales to the media are to blame, she says.

"When you look around, and very close trusted people who would never cash you in, for lack of better words, and those people do that and people leave your house and tell completely different stories, you tend not to trust people," she says.

It wasn't clear exactly who she was talking about, but her words came the day after estranged husband Jon spoke out about his own failings in New York.

In addition, Morales says, Gosselin adds that the eight Gosselin children have been showing signs of strain, acting out and, in some cases, becoming more introverted.

Kate has already said she herself hasn't even begun to think about dating because of the chaos around her.

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