Kim Kardashian Loses Face – and Gains a New One

Kim Kardashian Loses Face – and Gains a New One
Kim Kardashian
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

11/11/2009 AT 02:15 PM EST

Be nice to everyone. Because that rather homely gal you were just rude to in line? She might've been Kim Kardashian

The reality-show star, 29, became unrecognizable as she put on a new face and unflattering wig so she could have some fun with unwitting fans for the new show Secret Celebrity.

"This was a real process ... I needed to get a molding of my face so I could have a prosthetic nose, cheeks and neck put on!" Kardashian writes on her blog. "I look like a completely different person!"

To achieve her new face, she went to a place that specializes in making molds of Hollywood celebrities.

"Check out the place I went to! They have made casts of everyone from Tom Cruise to Jolie" for movies!" she writes. "It was so surreal seeing all these famous movie stars' faces on the wall!! Kind of scary, huh?"

Along with her new look, she got a new name.

"My name was Cynthia ... after my cousin Cici!" she writes.

Too bad she couldn't just put on a new face after her recent whupping in the boxing ring.

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