LISTEN: Taylor Swift Gets a Love Song – for Chanukah

12/14/2009 AT 06:50 AM EST

Watch out, Taylor Lautner: Taylor Swift has a new admirer – and he's written a song about her.

Rocker Evan Taubenfeld just released an acoustic ditty about his crush on the country superstar, called "Merry Swiftmas (Even though I Celebrate Chanukah)." And the male singer, who was once Avril Lavigne's musical director, released it just in time for the holidays. In the tune, Taubenfeld lists a Who's Who of hot celebrities – everyone from Megan Fox to Angelina Jolie – but says nobody can compare to Swift.

"I'll probably shed a few tears if you mess up and send Britney Spears," he sings as sleigh bells ring quietly in the background. "So, Santa for my gift, please send me Taylor Swift!"

In the end, Taubenfeld may not get his wish – but he did get Swift's attention. On Monday she posted a link to the song on her Twitter page and wrote, "THIS made me smile. :) :) :)"

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