Sarah Jessica Parker: Motherhood is 'Perfectly Overwhelming'

Sarah Jessica Parker: Motherhood is 'Perfectly Overwhelming'
Sarah Jessica Parker
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12/15/2009 AT 05:40 PM EST

With seven years as a mother of one under her belt, adding twins to the mix has left Sarah Jessica Parker teetering on her stilettos.

"It’s the most perfectly overwhelming experience," the actress told PEOPLE at Monday's New York premiere of her latest film, Did You Hear About the Morgans? (opening Dec. 18). Despite the chaos, son James Wilkie, 7, and 6-month-old fraternal twins Loretta and Tabitha "get along beautifully," Parker says.

With her character sequestered in a remote witness protection program, Parker, 44, replied without hesitation when asked which items she’d bring along should she end up in the same situation.

"My three children. That’s what I would somehow manage to sneak on the plane or the bus or the train or the horse and buggy. No matter what," she says. "I’d like my husband [Matthew Broderick] to be there as well."

Unfortunately the movie’s leading man, Hugh Grant, doesn’t share her love of tots. Grant jokingly compared working with animals versus toiling on set with kids, saying, "Animals aren’t easy, but what’s annoying about children is that everyone loves them and I resent that. I only work with ugly children."

Filming in New Mexico this spring and summer, Grant described how the cast passed the time in the remote countryside, where they had few creature comforts.

"We couldn’t get our cell phones to work, there was no TV. We were dreading that because we are quite spoiled, but actually we liked it," he admitted. "We played old fashioned charades and things like that."

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