Find Out Who Peed on Kim Kardashian

Find Out Who Peed on Kim Kardashian
The magician Dynamo and Kim Kardashian

12/28/2009 AT 05:20 PM EST

There's no denying animal instincts.

Kim Kardashian learned that lesson the hard way when she visited the offices of Katalyst where pal Ashton Kutcher was filming. While there, Kardashian was treated to a show by the magician Dynamo, who made a monkey appear. At first, Kardashian found the simian "cute" – that is, until the furry friend peed on her.

Kardashian shared a photo of the offending animal on her blog, adding: "Ashton said the monkey had pooped on him, so I didn't feel too bad, haha. Gross little monkey!"

On the upside, Kardashian wrote, "This magician was amazing, though. He did the craziest card tricks!"

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