Brooke Mueller's Lawyer Denies $1M Claim

Brooke Mueller's Lawyer Denies $1M Claim
Charlie Sheen and Brook Mueller
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12/31/2009 AT 12:30 PM EST

Reports that $1 million will be added to Brooke Mueller's pre-nuptial agreement with husband Charlie Sheen are premature, Mueller's attorney Yale Galanter tells PEOPLE.

"I have heard nothing concerning any kind of talk about financial issues between Brooke and Charlie," Galanter said Thursday. "I don't think any discussion about finances is true."

Galanter has filed a motion in the Aspen, Colo. court to modify the protective order put in place after Sheen's domestic violence arrest so his client and her husband can get together and attempt to resolve their issues. "We have a 10:30 a.m. court date in Aspen Monday morning," he says, adding. "I am waiting for that."

Galanter also says he has not heard the reports of Sheen and Mueller having a fight where he attacked her and shoved her so hard she hit her head on the floor. "I can't comment on something I have not heard or know anything about," he tells PEOPLE.

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