Wanna Bet? Take Tiger's Return to Championship Form

Wanna Bet? Take Tiger's Return to Championship Form
Tiger Woods
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01/04/2010 AT 08:40 AM EST

Though Tiger Woods has essentially vanished since he admitted to infidelity, Las Vegas oddsmakers believe the golfer will turn up on the links this year – and win!

In fact, they’re betting on it. And so can you.

Oddsmakers at Station Casinos, operators of Red Rock and Green Valley Ranch casinos, believe there is a better than 83 percent chance Woods will win a PGA tournament sometime in 2010. The confidence level is so high that they are setting the line at 1 to 5 odds, meaning a bettor needs to wager $5 to win $1.

Currently there are 41 PGA events scheduled this year, though in the past, Woods typically plays in about half of those tournaments.

For those willing to gamble that Woods won't win a tournament this year? You can bet on that, too. Currently the casino is paying $3.50 for every $1 gambled if Woods doesn't win a PGA tournament in 2010.

Good luck!

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