Sources: Tiger Woods Plans Return to Golf Next Month

Sources: Tiger Woods Plans Return to Golf Next Month
Tiger Woods outside his home in Windermere, Fla., Feb. 18, 2010
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02/18/2010 AT 05:20 PM EST

With the announcement that Tiger Woods intends to break his silence on Friday, everyone is speculating about when the world's No. 1 golfer will return to the game.

Several sources tell PEOPLE that Woods plans to return to golf by playing the Tavistock Cup, a tightly controlled competition that would mark a fairly low-key comeback into the golf world. "He has made it clear that he's planning to play," a source closed to the Tavistock Cup tells PEOPLE. "Everyone [at Tavistock] is really excited about it."

One of the Tavistock Cup's sponsors tells PEOPLE that they have been notified that he will return to the links. "From our standpoint, this is really good news," says the sponsor. "Tiger will raise the visibility of Tavistock tremendously." The sponsor has one caveat, though: "We'll have to gauge the public reaction to his statement tomorrow. Then we'll know if this is a good or a bad thing."

The Tavistock Cup is a two-day competition taking place at Woods's home course of Isleworth, Fla. The Cup, held on March 22-23, is an invitation-only event which, in the past, has featured limited media coverage – a perfect combination for a quiet return to golf.

If Woods does play, he will be heavily guarded. A source within Isleworth tells PEOPLE that off-duty police officers will be hired to provide extra security for the tournament.

Woods's agent did not return calls for comment.

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