Kendra Wilkinson Wants to Make a Cast of Her Boobs

03/12/2010 AT 12:00 PM EST

Kendra Wilkinson would like to slim down her curvy new-mom bod – and she's considering trimming one of her most famous asset.

Appearing on Lopez Tonight Thursday with husband Hank Basket Jr, the E! star addressed the rumor that she might get a breast reduction. "Let's talk about the globes that have shook up the globe," Lopez said.

"I feel like I'm a little top heavy now," Wilkinson explained before asking the audience: "What do you guys all think?" She was met with resounding boos.

As for her husband, Basket claims he'll be supportive of her decision. "I'm definitely going to miss 'em," he said. "I'm gonna put them up around my house. They're going in my office."

But Wilkinson, who gave birth to son Hank Baskett IV in December, would like to keep a memento of her chest. "We did a belly cast when I was pregnant," she said. "We'll do a boob cast."

The couple also shared a picture of their baby and his various nicknames. "Quattro [which means four in Spanish], and I call him little man," said Basket. "She calls him Bubba."

Lopez also asked Kendra, a former Playboy playmate and star of The Girls Next Door, whether she had ever seen Hugh Hefner naked. "No!" she said. "That's a whole mystery." When she shared a photo of her baby with her former mentor, Lopez remarked: "That's two people in diapers."

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