Heidi Montag Doesn't Want Men Telling Her What to Do

03/19/2010 AT 10:15 PM EDT

If you thought Heidi Montag agonized about firing her husband Spencer Pratt as her manager, think again.

"I kind of just woke up one morning and was like, 'You know, you’re fired, but have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon,' " Montag says in an interview scheduled to air on The Tonight Show Friday night.

Turns out, the change worked for her. "After that is when I got all my movie roles," Montag tells Jay Leno, referring to her part in the upcoming Just Go With It, which costars Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. "I said, 'This is working, this is great!' You know, I think I'm better handling [my business affairs] myself."

Montag, of course, then hired a Malibu-based psychic named Aiden Chase to be her manager – only to fire him soon after. Again, she doesn't seem too broken up about the decision.

"Yeah, and now he's fired," Montag says. "So, I'm just on my own."

Why the change?

"It just wasn’t feeling right," she tells Leno. "I just wanted to be in charge as a woman in my own business. I don’t really want men telling me what to do and where to go so I said, 'You know what? As a woman I’m going to take control of my career.' "

Montag has also been making recent headlines after undergoing 10 plastic surgeries in one day. She's poked fun at herself in a recent Funny or Die clip, directed by Ron Howard. But Montag has also shot back against serious allegations – and denied that she's addicted to plastic surgery.

On Friday, she told Leno, she doesn't think she has a problem. "When you're addicted to something, you have to do it every day," she says. "And thank God I don't do it every day. I like to do it all in one day. I like to knock it out."

So, would she consider having more surgery?

"I think I've reached the point [where I can stop]," she says. "I think I'm good for awhile. I'm surger-ied out."

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