How Miley Cyrus Found Love When Her Boyfriend Opened the Door

How Miley Cyrus Found Love When Her Boyfriend Opened the Door
Miley Cyrus (left) and Ellen DeGeneres
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03/25/2010 AT 09:20 AM EDT

Miley Cyrus's boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, opened the door to the pop singer's heart – literally.

When the couple, who have been dating about 10 months, first met on the Tybee Island, Georgia, set of The Last Song, "he opened the door for me," Cyrus tells Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show set to air March 31. "I was like, I have been in L.A. for three years and I don't think any guy has actually opened the door for me."

That polite gesture made quite the impression on the 17-year-old: "I was like, wow, that is super impressive. I actually turned to the director and said, 'He's got the job.' He's hot and he opened the door. Excellent."

There were some early stumbling blocks, admitted Cyrus, who said she was taking a hiatus from dating when she met the Australian actor, 20.

"We started filming and at one point the chemistry was kind of awkward," she said. "We were both like, I liked him a little bit, he liked me a little bit but it was awkward."

But Cyrus finally informed Hemsworth: "Okay, you're going to be my boyfriend," and it's been a smooth ride ever since – so much so that DeGeneres presented the happy couple with a set of bikes.

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