Matthew Broderick's Early Verdict on Sex and the City 2

04/09/2010 AT 12:30 PM EDT

While the cast of Sex and the City 2 may be contractually bound by the studio to keep their lips sealed about the upcoming May 27 release, Matthew Broderick is forbidden to reveal any spoilers by an even higher power: the movie's star and producer, his wife Sarah Jessica Parker.

"I've actually seen the movie, and it's wonderful," Broderick told PEOPLE at Thursday's Broadway premiere of the new musical The Addams Family, starring his pal and The Producers costar, Nathan Lane. "But if I were to say anything about it, I think a shot would ring out and I would collapse right here on the red carpet."

According to Broderick, Parker "is tightlipped about it, and [I have] the contract of marriage. I can't tell you anything about that movie, except it's excellent."

Given all the hubbub the new flick is expected to generate, Broderick, 48, is looking forward to spending some quality time with his family away from the sexy city.

"We're going to have a big summer off ... the whole family," he says. "We'll either be in Amagansett [in the Hamptons] or we'll rent a house somewhere. I think we're going to have a nice family summer."

Having welcomed twin girls last summer, Broderick says that son James Wilkie, 7, gets more excited as his siblings grow bigger.

"He's very cute with them, and now that they're more active, it's more fun for him. They pull his hair. He lies on the rug, and they climb on him. He likes that."

So, when it comes to the Broderick brood, "Everybody’s all right. They're all growing, eating and growing … yeah, everybody's good," says the proud pop.

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