Jane Lynch: Engagement Is Gleeful

Jane Lynch: Engagement Is Gleeful
Jane Lynch
Lionel Hahn/Abaca

04/13/2010 AT 07:45 AM EDT

Perennial scene stealer and Glee star Jane Lynch has confirmed reports of her engagement to longtime girlfriend, psychologist Lara Embry.

"I'm thrilled. Great, it's really great. I never thought that this is something I wanted," the Dalton, Ill., native, 49, told PEOPLE at Monday's Glee mid-season premiere party at Los Angeles's Bar Marmont.

"It's just the greatest thrill in the world to find somebody that you want to be with every day," she adds.

No date for the wedding has been announced, but Glee's new season premieres Tuesday night. Lynch plays the sharp-tongued coach, Sue Sylvester, whose mission is to ruin the McKinley High's glee club singers.


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