Kate Gosselin: TV Work Lets Me Provide for the Kids

04/14/2010 AT 10:10 AM EDT

Kate Gosselin insists she's not adding fuel to the fire of ex-husband Jon's claim that she has no time for their eight kids – in fact, she sees her upcoming TV series Twist of Kate as a way of spending quality time with the children.

"I don't see another option," Kate said on Wednesday's Today show. "I have eight kids to provide for, and this is a great opportunity."

On the TLC summer series, Gosselin will be traveling the country to chronicle other women in problematic situations. The TV work, she says, is a means for her to earn the type of money she could not make were she to work as a nurse with "12 hour shifts, six days a week."

In that type of situation, she says, "I wouldn't see the kids anymore than I see them now. So this is an opportunity that I've grasped onto, and I'm enjoying what I'm doing."

Gosselin, who is promoting her new book, I Just Want You to Know, was also read a passage from the volume by Today's Meredith Vieira, who quoted Gosselin as writing, "Much of what I said to Jon [during the marriage] was unwarranted. I could have guarded my tongue better."

"In the heat of the moment I have a sharp tongue," Gosselin admitted to the interviewer. Looking back, there's a lot of people that I love that I probably spoke to inappropriately, and those are the people beside you who love you."

Now, she says, "I've really learned to watch what I say." to provide for, and this is a great opportunity."

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