Kate Gosselin Has a Question: What's Jon's Job?

04/16/2010 AT 02:40 PM EDT

It's a rare moment when Kate Gosselin lacks an answer.

But when the reality star and I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith and Family author was asked by Jay Leno on Thursday's The Tonight Show what her ex, Jon, does for a living, she replied: "I don't know." So Leno tried again, this time asking if Jon currently has a job. And Gosselin's reply? "Not that I'm aware of."

Meanwhile, Gosselin has been under fire from her ex for allegedly not spending enough time with their eight children. That's a claim Leno said he "doesn't quite get," noting, "it seems to me most single moms work at least eight to 10 hours a day, which is what you're doing."

Facing a potential custody battle with Jon, Gosselin continued, "I feel like I say this a lot, and for whatever reason I feel like I have to defend myself. But the truth is, moms work. Single moms work. I travel and work – that's my job."

One area in which Gosselin isn't defending herself: her skills on Dancing With the Stars.

Leno attributed the show's current popularity to the "Kate Effect," to which Gosselin said, "I don't know if I can take total credit for that. They're probably just tuning in to see if I fall."

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