POLL: Is Christina Aguilera Channeling Madonna and Gaga?

04/30/2010 AT 12:45 PM EDT

Remember Madonna's 1995 video for "Express Yourself?" The one chock full of S&M references, salacious lyrics and scantily-clad dancers?

And what about last year's Lady Gaga smash "Bad Romance?" In it Gaga writhes around in patent leather, lingerie and an all-red ensemble, and a room gets set on fire.

Take each of those elements, add them together, insert Christina Aguilera, and you've got her new video, aptly titled, "Not Myself Tonight."

The parallel elements in all three music videos are so obvious – down to the whip a la Madonna and Gaga's lobster claw heels – that you've got to wonder whether Aguilera did it on purpose.

Take a look for yourself and tell us what you think. (NOTE: Video contains explicit images and language.)
Rennie Dyball

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