Justin Bieber Dodges Ellen's Dating Questions – and Her Scissors

Justin Bieber Dodges Ellen's Dating Questions – and Her Scissors
Justin Bieber and Ellen DeGeneres
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05/16/2010 AT 06:30 AM EDT

Justin Bieber's no one woman guy, but that probably doesn't bother Miley Cyrus.

The tween sensation wiggled his way out of answering questions about dating Cyrus during a recent taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "I'm dating around, hanging out with girls but not really dating," Bieber says.

"Like hanging around with Miley Cyrus?" asks Ellen as she shows a picture of the two singers walking side-by-side.

A smiling and seemingly blushing Bieber quickly responds, "just like hanging around with people."

Bieber and Cyrus were snapped last week having dinner in West Hollywood, but the 16-year-old tried to convince that other girls are in the picture. "If you look on the Internet you'll see other girls that I hang out with," he says.

Later in the interview set to air May 17, DeGeneres lets Bieber talk about what he's becoming best known for besides making teenage girls swoon – his hair.

Bieber says it takes him just minutes to put together his signature look. "Like, five minutes. Like, seriously. People are always like, 'yeah, right.' I get out of the shower I blow dry it and then it's done in like, five minutes," he says.

DeGeneres whips out a small pair of scissors and starts to make a move toward Bieber's head, saying, "I just wanted to cut a little bit."

Bieber lifts himself half-way out of his seat before she stops her advances. Better luck next time!

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