Meet the Guy Who Puts the Sexy in Sex and the City 2

Meet the Guy Who Puts the Sexy in Sex and the City 2
Noah Mills
Mehdi Taamallah/Abaca

05/26/2010 AT 10:30 AM EDT

In the series' grand tradition of introducing man candy to the world, Sex and the City 2 delivers another hunk in the form of model turned actor, Noah Mills.

You can even call him a supermodel: The Canadian-born Mills, 27, has been a fixture on the runways for years and is currently in campaigns for Michael Kors, Gap, Dolce & Gabbana and Tommy Hilfiger.

The movie opens Thursday, but here's a sneak peek at Mills – five things you need to know about the new hottie in the city:

1. He got to keep his clothes on in the audition.
"I was surprised they didn't ask me to strip down," he says. Aware that much of his modeling work leaves little to the imagination, he adds, "I guess they could research that stuff."

2. He loves animals.
"As a child, I was always interested in animals," says Mills. If he weren't acting or modeling, he says he'd be out in the wild. "I always felt like working for National Geographic would be incredible."

3. He does indeed love the city.
He was born in Toronto and raised in Baltimore, but his new home of New York City is where his heart is. "I've had an intense history with New York," says Mills. "No matter how you change, you can find what you like there."

4. He has a thing for Penélope Cruz.
She's his dream costar. "I find her so attractive aesthetically and her vulnerability," says Mills. "I think she's a great actress."

5. He'd like to thank Kim Cattrall.
After a long day of shooting a scene with Mills – they'd started at 3 p.m. and were wrapping at 8 a.m. – Cattrall was told she wasn't needed to finish his shots. "She demanded to stay and read with me for my close-up. I'll never forget that," says Mills. "Kim was a great acting partner."

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