Ashton Kutcher Imagines a Better First Date with Demi Moore

Ashton Kutcher Imagines a Better First Date with Demi Moore
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore
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06/02/2010 AT 11:50 AM EDT

Ashton Kutcher doesn't regret slumming it with burgers on his first date with Demi Moore. He's just sorry his favorite gourmet burger joint didn't exist at the time.

"We had In-N-Out [Burger]," Kutcher, 32, recalled Tuesday at the premiere of his new film, Killers, in Los Angeles. "It's hard to go wrong with that – unless you had a Umami Burger. If you don't go there … you're missing out. It's unbelievable. If a Umami Burger existed when we had our first date, I would've taken her to Umami Burger."

Thankfully, Moore, now 47, was swept off her feet regardless of the culinary experience on that night in 2003.

Still, the actor is clearly a bit obsessed with Umami, which was opened last year by chef Adam Fleischman and now has four locations in L.A. "Just found out the secret ingredient in an umami burger. Taking it to the grave," he recently wrote on Twitter.

Kutcher did find time to actually talk about the film, co-starring Katherine Heigl – and confirmed rumors that he accidentally knocked out a stuntman during filming.

"I accidentally fell into the punch. I don't think he expected it, and I knocked him out," Kutcher says. "I'm like, oh God, this is so awful. [But] part of me felt like, I just knocked out a 225-pound French killer, and so you can't feel awful."

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