Joran van der Sloot Wants to Tell Aruba Cops Where Natalee Holloway's Body Is

Joran van der Sloot Wants to Tell Aruba Cops Where Natalee Holloway's Body Is
Natalee Holloway and Joran van der Sloot
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updated 06/11/2010 AT 09:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/11/2010 AT 07:50 AM EDT

Joran van der Sloot is ready to talk – just to certain authorities. Five years after Natalee Holloway went missing in Aruba – never to be seen again – he's told investigators in Peru that he knows the location of Holloway's body, CNN reports.

However, according to a Peruvian police official, the Dutch playboy, 22, would neither cite the location nor tell what happened to the Alabama honor student the night of her disappearance.

NBC News reports Friday morning that van der Sloot says he is willing to provide those details only to authorities in Aruba.

"He is ready to discuss this whenever officials from Aruba can come here," Gen. Cesear Guardia in Peru tells ABC.

"In the interrogation done to the Dutch citizen, he says he knew the location of the corpse of the American citizen, but that he was going to explain everything to Aruban police," Miguel Canlla, head of the homicide division of the Peruvian national police investigative unit, said on Thursday, reports CNN.

Late Monday this week, van der sloot reportedly admitted to Peruvian police that he killed Stephany Flores, 21, in a Lima hotel room last month, five years to the day that Holloway disappeared.

This is not the first time van der Sloot has confessed to knowledge of Holloway's disappearance, though in the past he would also recant his story. According to an affidavit in an extortion investigation involving him, van der Sloot said his father, Paulus van der Sloot, "disposed of Natalee's body by burying her remains in the gravel under the foundation of the single story home." (Paulus van der Sloot was an attorney who died in February.)

The house he cited had not been built at the time of Holloway's disappearance.

Peter Blanken, the public prosecutor in Aruba, told PEOPLE on Friday that he remains skeptical of anything van der Sloot has to say about the Holloway case. "He told us several times his story about his last contact with Natalee Holloway," Blanken tells PEOPLE. "I don't know now if he speaks the truth."

In Peru, the young woman beaten to death was found in a hotel room registered in van der Sloot's name. Van der Sloot was captured in Chile and returned last week to Peru.

"We will travel to Peru to interrogate van der Sloot … in due course," says Blanken. He adds that Peruvian authorities "have to work first on their own case, and there is this case of the American authorities" looking into allegations that van der Sloot tried to extort $250,000 from Natalee’s mother, Beth Holloway, in exchange for information about Natalee’s death and whereabouts.

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