Pucker Up Ryan Reynolds, Betty White Is Ready!

Pucker Up Ryan Reynolds, Betty White Is Ready!
Betty White and Ryan Reynolds
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06/15/2010 AT 09:30 AM EDT

Betty White's budding reputation as a cougar won't go away with this latest revelation.

Asked if she would have been ready if Sandra Bullock had kissed her instead of Scarlett Johansson at last week's MTV Movie Awards, White told PEOPLE: "No, no ... but if Ryan Reynolds had kissed me, I'd have been very ready."

Unfortunately – or perhaps luckily – Reynolds wasn't there. Johansson was filling in for her husband in presenting Bullock with MTV's Generation Award.

Speaking to PEOPLE on Monday at a New York screening of her new sitcom Hot in Cleveland, White said she thought Bullock's "I'm not going anywhere" speech on the MTV broadcast was perfect.

"She's doing wonderfully," White said. "I thought it was so brilliant of her to say, 'Don't worry about me, I'm fine,' and address the subject, because she is fine."

Hot in Cleveland premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m on TV Land. Asked if Bullock might make a cameo on the new show, White replied: "Wouldn't it be something if she would."

As the screening began, White couldn't resist cracking a joke. The moment the theater went dark, she shouted out, "How do you like it so far?"

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