Police Spoke with Jaycee Dugard During Captivity – But Never Followed Up

Police Spoke with Jaycee Dugard During Captivity – But Never Followed Up
Jaycee Lee Dugard in 1991
Nick Ut/AP

07/08/2010 AT 12:50 PM EDT

Parole agents spoke with Jaycee Dugard during her alleged 18-year captivity but failed to follow up, according to a report by the California state attorney general's office.

Dugard, 30, who officials say was kidnapped by parolee Phillip Garrido when she was 11, also told authorities that state agents had talked to her eldest daughter, one of two girls fathered by her alleged kidnapper, The Associated Press reports. The report did not mention exactly when Dugard spoke to the parole agents.

Lawmakers saw the report before approving Dugard for a $20 million settlement. The former Lake Tahoe resident had filed claims with the California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board, accusing the state of not adequately supervising Garrido while he was on parole for a previous kidnapping and rape conviction.

The settlement, if passed by the state Senate, would compensate Dugard and her two daughters for counseling and lack of education while they were held against their will in Garrido's backyard in Antioch, Calif.

Dugard disappeared in 1991 but resurfaced in August 2009 when two University of California, Berkeley, police officers notified authorities that the registered sex offender was on campus distributing flyers. His parole officer later met with Garrido and discovered that Dugard was the girl who'd gone missing in 1991.

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