Baby Josie Duggar Gains 10 Lbs. Since Birth

08/03/2010 AT 09:05 AM EDT

The rocky road that greeted Josie Brooklyn Duggar after her pre-mature Dec. 19 birth appears to be paved smoothed again.

Born at 25 weeks after mom Michelle was diagnosed with preeclampsia – a rare condition during pregnancy that causes high blood pressure – Josie arrived weighing only 1 lb., 6 oz. Eight days later, her bowel perforated, her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar told PEOPLE. (The telegenic family's travails and triumphs are chronicled on their TLC series, .)

Tuesday morning on NBC's Today show, with the entire Duggar clan gathered around them, the happy parents of 19 told a different story. Josie, now 8 months old, is home and healthy.

"She is doing remarkable," Michelle told program host Meredith Vieria. Josie now weighs 11 lbs., 6 oz., though she is lactose intolerant.

Being Weaned off Oxygen

While her father, Jim Bob, noted that Josie is on a lactose-free formula, the baby is "doing very well now," he added. In response to a question about Josie's need for supplemental oxygen when she sleeps, Jim Bob said she is being weaned off of that.

"By the time she's 2 she should be caught up developmentally," he said.

In regard to Michelle's health woes, her blood pressure, she said, is "back to normal ... I feel really good, I'm so thankful."

So, given the problems faced by little Josie, who was born three months early, would her parents consider having more children? Having earlier this year told PEOPLE, "We'll just wait and see what God has in store," Michelle said to Vieira, "When we look at Josie ... how we went through the challenge we did, we would do it again."

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