How Big Is Lily Allen's Baby News?

How Big Is Lily Allen's Baby News?
Lily Allen with the Sun
Courtesy Lily Allen

08/06/2010 AT 12:00 PM EDT

With a baby on the way, British singer Lily Allen had big news to share this week – so big, apparently, that it made the front page of the U.K.'s best-selling tabloid.

In large, bold print, a Sun headline trumpeted: "Lily: I'm Preggers."

The "Smile" singer, 25, then took to her Twitter to mark the milestone. "Not quite front page worthy but anyways........... surreal," she Tweeted, along with a picture of her showing off the tabloid.

Her rep later confirmed that Allen and her boyfriend, business owner Sam Cooper, were indeed expecting their first child.

But do you agree (or disagree) with the singer? Should her pregnancy have made the front page of the Sun?

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