Jimmy Kimmel Wants to Be Levi Johnston's Campaign Manager

08/13/2010 AT 12:25 PM EDT

Jimmy Kimmel is not afraid to take a political stance on his late-night talk show.

On Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the funnyman welcomed Levi Johnston by announcing that "He is to Sarah Palin what voicemail is to Mel Gibson," and proceeded to give the Wasilla, Alaska, mayoral candidate a collection of campaign gear.

"I would love to see you become the mayor," Kimmel insisted as he brought out several items with various campaign slogans. "I really would."

He showcased a blue baseball cap with "The Thrilla from Wasilla" on the front, a red, white and blue pin with "Wassup Wasilla?" written on it, followed by a bumper sticker reading "Elect me Mayor or I'll Date all Your Daughters." The final piece was a lawn sign with the words "Levi for Mayor – I'll Do the Job Naked" emblazoned on it.

But Kimmel admitted the gifts were an attempt to gain favor with Johnston, who, during the show, insisted he is up for the job, saying, "I think I would be the best mayor I can be."

"So whaddya think? Can I be part of the team?" Kimmel pleaded.

"I think I might make you campaign manager," Johnston replied. As for potential votes from the family of his former fiancé, he's not counting on the Palins. After the last breakup with Bristol, he says, "I think they kinda kicked me out now … permanently. "

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