Is Joaquin Phoenix's New Documentary Intriguing – or Disturbing?

08/17/2010 AT 11:50 AM EDT

For several months last year, a bearded and bizarre Joaquin Phoenix had everyone wondering, "Has he gone insane?"

Now, there's finally an answer – sort of.

The theatrical trailer for I’m Still Here, the Casey Affleck-directed documentary about the actor, 35, has just been released, and it offers a peek into that strange time.

The preview, which features a man giving Phoenix a lesson about the journey of life (in an analogy that likens life to falling drops of mountain water), shows the unkempt actor partying, performing as a rapper, stressing out and attending church. A night-vision camera even captures him wrestling on a bed.

The most shocking moment? Seeing Phoenix’s giant white gut.

It’s still unclear whether this is more fiction than straight documentary, or if he's acting or not. But if that now- infamous 2009 TV interview with David Letterman is any indication, the film, which opens Sept. 10, is bound to be ... interesting.

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