Watch Out, Road, Lindsay Lohan Is Back – in a Maserati

Watch Out, Road, Lindsay Lohan Is Back – in a Maserati
Lindsay Lohan
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08/26/2010 AT 02:35 PM EDT

Fresh out of inpatient rehab, is Lindsay Lohan moving too fast – literally?

The actress stopped by the Santa Monica, Calif., Department of Motor Vehicles to get her driver’s license reinstated Wednesday, and hit the road in a flashy Maserati – and later was seen at 12:30 in the morning with a can of Red Bull at her side, picking up friends.

It was her driving that got Lohan in trouble in the first place, with her past on-the-road antics including a bizarre car chase and DUI charges.

However, at a hearing Tuesday, the judge in her case said Lohan, 24, had satisfied all her requirements of a multiple-offender drunk-driving program.

For now, Lohan is subject to a rigorous schedule of random drug testing, psychotherapy and addiction counseling until a Nov. 1 hearing.


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