Bristol Palin Plans to Wear the 'Most Modest Outfits' on DWTS

Bristol Palin Plans to Wear the 'Most Modest Outfits' on DWTS
Bryan Bedder/Getty

08/31/2010 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Bristol Palin might be stepping out of her comfort zone this season on Dancing With the Stars, but she won't be stepping into any of the show's skimpy costumes.

"I think I will be the most dressed contestant and have the most modest outfits for sure because that's who I am," she told PEOPLE Monday night in Los Angeles at the announcement of the show's new cast.

Bristol, 19, wants to make sure she sets a good example for her son, Tripp, 20 months, who "loves dancing around and bopping his head," she says. "I see this as something that's fun and that's positive and I'm going to be able to show my work ethic to out there."

Bristol, who calls herself "naturally shy," says the biggest challenge will be starting from scratch. "I have no experience in dance," she says. "But I come from an athletic background, so I'm thankful for that. I played basketball, volleyball, soccer, everything."

As for temporarily relocating from Alaska to Los Angeles for the show, Bristol is still adjusting. "I feel like I'm melting," she says. "It's so hot here and there's so much traffic." – Melody Chiu

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