Most New Jersey Residents Want Jersey Shore to Disappear

Most New Jersey Residents Want Jersey Shore to Disappear
Emily Shur/MTV

08/25/2010 AT 01:00 AM EDT

What makes the cast of Jersey Shore behave the way they do? Is it where they're from or where they film? The of New Jersey may be embarrassed about the wild scenes depicted on MTV's smash hit show, but they're defending themselves by pointing out that most of the GTL-obsessed cast hails from New York.

In a new Quinnipiac University poll of Garden State residents, 51 percent said they had an unfavorable view of the show, while just 11 percent had a favorable view. The rest were undecided.

Furthermore, a full one-third of those surveyed agreed with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's recent complaint that the hard-partying stars of the show act out because they're actually New Yorkers. (Of the eight cast members, only Sammi Giancola is actually from New Jersey. And Paul DelVecchio is from Rhode Island.)

Meanwhile, only 19 percent of New Jersey residents agreed with New York Gov. David Patterson's comeback to Gov. Christie – that it's the seedy Jersey Shore environment that leads otherwise upstanding New Yorkers astray.

Whoever – or wherever – is to blame for the show, New Jerseyans clearly wouldn't mind if it just disappeared. Some 54 percent of respondents in the poll said it's bad for their state, while only 20 percent thought it was good. Of course, much of the country seems to like the show, which continues to break viewership records for MTV. – Tim Nudd

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