America's Got Talent: Prince Poppycock Shows His 'Poker Face'

08/25/2010 AT 01:00 AM EDT

While many of the early acts on America's Got Talent's semi-final competition buckled under the pressure Tuesday, the electrifying moment of the night came at the end with Prince Poppycock, whom Sharon Osbourne dubbed the "male Lady Gaga."

Without a doubt, the outrageous performer was Tuesday night’s favorite of all three judges and the studio audience. His strong voice, outlandish costumes and sheer creativity made him the “superstar” of the night, according to judge Piers Morgan.

"He's different every time because that’s his thing," Morgan says. "He's so creative."

Osbourne, who told PEOPLE last week her daughter Kelly is a huge Prince Poppycock fan, added that his "creativity is unstoppable and stunning."

"I bow down to him," she said.

It was also a very strong night for singer Michael Grimm, despite his battling strep throat and dehydration earlier in the week. The Mississippi singer and songwriter performed the moving tune "Leave Your Hat On." Judge Howie Mandel compared Grimm’s voice to legendary musicians Michael Bolton and Joe Cocker.

"He's real and soulful," Mandel tells PEOPLE. "I can’t hear enough of him. When he sings, it doesn’t seem as if he’s trying to win a contest. He’s got his own Southern soul."

Morgan predicts Grimm will be a shoo-in for the finals. One act he isn't sure can kick it up a notch, though, is mini dance duo Future Funk. "They’ll probably get through anyways because they’re so cute,” Morgan says. "They're great fun, but they’re not world-class dancers like Anna and Patryk."

Next week, 12 more semi-final acts will perform, including Alice Tan Ridley, Jackie Evancho and Fighting Gravity. MoMo Zhou

Tell us: Are you more excited about Prince Poppycock or Michael Grimm?

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