Bachelor Pad's Melissa Rycroft on Pregnancy Cravings and Kissing Contests

08/02/2010 AT 01:00 AM EDT

It's been a crazy chain of events for Melissa Rycroft, who's expecting her first child with her husband of eight months, Dallas insurance agent Tye Strickland, and set to co-host ABC's Bachelor Pad Aug. 9.

"We just bought our first house and will be moving in the next month or two," the former Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars contestant tells PEOPLE in an interview conducted at a recent Television Critics Association appearance. "We just found out we're pregnant and we’re due at the end of winter. A lot of life changes going on right now – some scary, some exciting. Everything is wonderful and life is exactly as it should be.”

Unless it's a life without your favorite foods.

"I've been craving foods I can't have. All my body wants is sushi right now and I can't have that so I’m trying to make do," the mom-to-be says. "I'm eating for one and a prune right now."

As for what fans can expect of Bachelor Pad, Rycroft reveals the question is not so much what you will see, but rather "what are you not going to be seeing."

Rycroft describes the show as "a complete mix of love and romance and hookups and breakups and fighting and challenges and eliminations, all competing for money at the end and it’s really good."

While she didn't want to get too specific about the challenges the 19 memorable Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants will face, Rycroft did reveal her favorite: "The kissing contest," she says. "As a bystander, it was pretty entertaining." --Monica Rizzo

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