Will Audrina Skip Kristin’s Goodbye Bash on The Hills?

07/13/2010 AT 01:00 AM EDT

The series finale of The Hills is upon us – and it's time to say goodbye.

Kristin is moving on and throwing a going-away party on Tuesday's episode, but will Audrina attend? The girls have had their differences – who can forget the drama on Kristin's first episode or their fight over Justin Bobby – but they've since buried the hatchet.

In a sneak peek of the finale, Audrina tells Stephanie, who's finally in a relationship with Josh, that she's going to skip the event.

"I don't want to go," Audrina says. "I just kind of want to get out of the whole club scene and I don't want to see Justin and if Ryan's there – that whole scene, I just ... "

Even in its final moments, The Hills – which airs tonight (10 p.m. EST) on MTV – has the drama set on high.

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Tell us: Will you tune in to say goodbye to The Hills? What are you predictions?

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