Susan Sarandon's Reality Show Won't Be Like Jersey Shore

Susan Sarandon's Reality Show Won't Be Like Jersey Shore
Carolyn Contino/BEImages

06/28/2010 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Susan Sarandon may be making a reality show … - just don't expect her to get into a hot tub.

"It won't be the Jersey Shore," the actress tells PEOPLE at a World Champions Event at her ping-pong nightclub, SPiN, about her latest project. "It's more of an episodic documentary. We're trying to invent something you haven't seen before that follows a bunch of in this crazy little subculture."

Sarandon, 63, an investor in SPiN, plans to use the show to record the club's growing business -… and the community that's formed there, especially the young players who are trying to make it to the Olympics. ("One of them probably will," she says.)

Calling herself the "Johnny Appleseed of ping-pong," Sarandon, who was at the event with her sons Jack and Miles, and the club's co-investor – and close friend – Jonathan Bricklin, is unsure when and where the show will air.

"We're just in the early filming stages now," she says. "I'm not sure where we're going to land in terms of our home because we want the tone of it to be funny and quite different than anything else that anybody's seen before." … -Zara Kessler

Tell us: Will you watch her show?

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