Real Housewives: Teresa's Take on the End of Jill and Bethenny

Real Housewives: Teresa's Take on the End of Jill and Bethenny
Teresa Giudice

06/04/2010 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Teresa Giudice knows how to keep it classy – just don't tell her to pay attention, puh-lease. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is flipping the tables on the ladies of The Real Housewives of New York by sounding off on season 3 of their show. In this post, Teresa shares her thoughts on all the events – Ramona's wedding, Jill vs. Bethenny, LuAnn's new man – in the jam-packed finale:

Hello Everyone! I can’t believe the finale is finally here! What a season! I didn’t expect it to take such an emotional toll on me, but I was crying at the very end.

Early in the season I said we were watching Jill and Bethenny get a friendship divorce. And, sadly, I was right. They finalized it at Le Cirque (how very New York!). Jill actually said she felt like they were married and had gotten separated! But when they finally got together to talk things over – 6 months after the fighting started – they were in different places. It was awkward watching Jill try and save the relationship when Bethenny had clearly moved on. That’s the risk with any separation, isn’t it? Jill seemed to think that time would heal all wounds, but Bethenny used the time to move on.

They were both crying during the divorce, but for different reasons. Jill was sorry, but Bethenny was done. I think they were both feeling sorry for themselves and not each other, but Jill handled herself with maturity and grace. She apologized and took the blame. She didn’t try to pin anything on Bethenny even though they both equally played a part in it. Lesson learned: You can’t hold a grudge for 6 months!

I was disappointed to see Bethenny point out Jill’s faults. Bethenny also said in her interviews that she didn’t think Jill was being sincere. She felt that Jill was only sitting in front of her crying because everyone was fighting with Jill. It was like Bethenny was on the playground, counting who used to be friends with Jill but are now her friends – Alex, Ramona – and throwing it in Jill’s face. It was like watching Kelly and Bethenny fight last season, but in reverse. Bethenny might as well have said, “I’m up here, and you’re down here.”

Bethenny also claimed she wouldn’t play the pregnancy card, but that’s all she’s done in the press all season. I know, I know, you all love Bethenny. And that’s fine. You can love her. You don’t know her. As I make the rounds for my book Skinny Italian – third week in a row on The New York Times Bestseller List! (insert Gia scream here) – I’m meeting all the same reporters, producers and even make-up artists that Bethenny regularly interacts with. And they all have the same thing to say: “She used to be a fun, regular girl, but after she got successful, she became a total bitch.” I know she acts sweet to her fans on Twitter, but as an insider, I’m here to tell you, it’s an act. She is not sweet. She is calculating and cold.

Wow, so after I hire security to protect me from Bethenny’s wrath (maybe Danielle’s feathered friend is still available?), let’s finish the episode recap: LuAnn debuted her new song and her new boyfriend. Did anyone else think he looked like the French David Schwimmer? He seems like a great match for her. European and everything. Now, about her singing ... I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, LuAnn cannot sing. I know I supposed to be supportive of her following her “dream,” but I’m not. I’m supportive of little kids trying out their dreams – not 50-year-olds. It’s just so overindulgent and her friends are lying to her. She not only cannot sing, she can’t even lipsynch. And her producer apparently can’t even come up with an original song. Go listen to the beginning of “One More Time” by Daft Punk and tell me what you hear.

I know I’m on fire today, You know me: I tell it like it is. I’m sugar and spice. So here’s some sugar: Ramona’s wedding renewal was gorgeous. Mario is gorgeous. They’re really in love. And it was really touching to watch. I actually teared up. And anytime reality TV – with all its overblown drama and fake – can actually touch you, you know it’s good. Congrats, Ramona and Mario! You are truly an inspiration!

It was a beautiful way to end the season, but I still kind of wish they had ended it with Scary Island. Then at least we’d still be talking about it all summer.

Tanti Baci, –Teresa Giudice

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