Danielle Staub's Advice for Kelly Bensimon: Block Out the Bullies

Danielle Staub's Advice for Kelly Bensimon: Block Out the Bullies
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05/28/2010 AT 01:00 AM EDT

After hearing of the “systematic bullying” from last week's dramatic episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, Kelly Bensimon may be receiving a phone call from another Housewife soon – a New Jersey Housewife.

“I don’t even need to know why are ganging up on her,” Danielle Staub told PEOPLE recently at a book signing for her memoir, The Naked Truth, in Manhattan. “I can just say how it feels because no one has the right to put you down.”

The reality TV star-turned-author is all too familiar with how it feels to be the odd woman out. While it’s taken Staub time to let the comments from her Real Housewives of New Jersey costars “roll off her shoulder,” she advises that Bensimon just needs to “block them out.”

“Just go to a place inside of yourself and connect with your inner child in a fantasy,” says Staub. “Keep living your life and don’t apologize, sweetheart. I know how can pour negative energy into you. So block it, Kelly, because you’re beautiful and strong.”

Staub has indeed learned a lesson from seasons past and wants to make it clear that she isn’t passing judgment; she's just a shoulder for Bensimon to lean on.

“I’m not being harsh towards those who are judging her, I’m trying to help her,” says Staub. “Bullying is every age and I do hope that somewhere in their season if this is happening that they make amends with her because not everyone can be on the outs like I can be. I’m okay being one in four. But if Kelly would need to talk, I’m right here.” –Jaimie Vaillancourt

Tell us: Do you agree with the advice? Are you enjoying watching Danielle this season?

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