Niecy Nash Hopes to Dance to ‘Bootylicious’ on DWTS Finale

Niecy Nash Hopes to Dance to ‘Bootylicious’ on DWTS Finale
Craig Sjodin/ABC

05/13/2010 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Niecy Nash may have been eliminated from Dancing With the Stars Tuesday night after her Viennese waltz with pro partner Louis van Amstel failed to impress the judges, but that didn’t stop the actress from performing a victory dance out the door.

“I fell a little short of winning the mirror ball, but what I did do is actually fulfill my childhood dream,” Niecy told reporters following the live results show. “I wanted to be a dancer since I was in the eighth grade, and every time I came out on the dance floor, I had the opportunity to actually live my dream. So, man, it was an awesome, awesome journey.”

Rather than shed tears over her departure, Niecy celebrated the experience, requesting the studio deejays play “something so we can get crunk in here” as she danced and hugged the celebrity and pro dancers goodbye.

What will she miss most about her time on the show? “Being able to mother these contestants,” said Nash, who was the mother hen of season 10, according to dancers like Erin Andrews.

“I give all of them heart-to-heart advice on life, love, all their shenanigans and high jinks and carrying on and cutting up. And I gave them snacks!” Niecy said. “I don’t know what they’re gonna do without me.”

Fortunately her cast-mates won’t have to wait long to find out -- Nash will return for the finale, where she plans to dance to her all-time favorite song, Destiny Child’s "Bootylicious." “When I come back and dance to that, America’s gonna be like, ‘We made a mistake. Bring her back,’ ” she says.

Until then, the mother of three is just looking forward to spending some quality time with her kids and her "Mr. Wonderful," boyfriend Jay Tucker, who devotedly watched from the audience at every taping.

And there's always the possibility she could return to the show as a guest: "I’m open to anything," she says, "as long as I can make the world happy, make them laugh!" --Jessica WedemeyerCraig Sjodin/ABC

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