Idol Hopefuls Rehearse Pop Standards with Harry Connick Jr.

Idol Hopefuls Rehearse Pop Standards with Harry Connick Jr.

05/04/2010 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Although ousted contestant Siobhan Magnus wanted to sing “My Way,” the remaining Top 5 on American Idol will just have to take on the catalog of Frank Sinatra their way when they hit the stage Tuesday to perform some timeless classics. PEOPLE listened in on Monday’s rehearsals and got a peek of this week’s mentor, Harry Connick Jr., accompanying the Idols on piano! --Cynthia Wang

MICHAEL LYNCHE: Dressed in all black, down to his Adidas track pants, Lynche works the stage with his trademark confidence, enjoying the rich orchestral accompaniment behind him. He adds rhythm and soul to his track and after a few times of running through his performance, Lynche seeks out the counsel of vocal coach Debra Byrd for an extended post-rehearsal chat.

LEE DEWYZE: An instrument-less DeWyze, wearing a red-knit cap, black T-shirt and black jeans, is growing more assured in his vocal delivery as he growls out his number. He digs deep, often singing whole passages with his eyes closed and taking on the swagger evident in the lyrics.

CRYSTAL BOWERSOX: No carpet, no didgeridoo, no guitar but all voice, Bowersox quietly takes center stage to sing a few variations of a mid-tempo ballad. At one point, Connick Jr. asks the horn section to “have a little more pace.” Accordingly, Bowersox works on her vocals section-by-section, and during a final run-through, settles on the right ending.

CASEY JAMES: Clearly excited to work directly with Connick Jr., James surprises the crew with an inspired song choice that requires him to embody the role of a crooner. James seems self-conscious of the fact that he's going sans guitar(!) but the praise the judges heaped on him last week must be taking effect as he truly stretches his vocal range and tackles technique this week.

AARON KELLY: There are no arm movements and head tilts too big for Kelly this week as he seems to be fully enjoying himself at rehearsal. Of course, the start of the song is just working up to that as Kelly begins with only a piano intro before the stand-up bass kicks in and propels him forward.

Tell us: What Sinatra classic do you want to hear tonight? Which Idol will just kill it as a crooner? FOX

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