Idol‘s React to Adam Lambert and Ellen’s ‘Horny’ Joke

Idol‘s React to Adam Lambert and Ellen’s ‘Horny’ Joke
Michael Becker/FOX

04/14/2010 AT 12:00 AM EDT

After last week's shocking results -- Michael Lynche wound up at the bottom only to be saved by the judges -- the top 9 returned, with the cast of Glee jamming along in the front row, to strut their stuff for Elvis Week. Mentored by Idol runner-up Adam Lambert, the singers spoke with reporters after the show about his advice, their custom duds and Ellen's "horny" humor. --Jessica Herndon

Her rendition of "Suspicious Minds" may have left the judges feeling a bit underwhelmed, but Siobhan Magnus's white outfit and Lambert-like hair screamed scene-stealer. "It started with a regular pencil skirt and a rain coat and then it was all hacked to pieces," says Magnus of her outfit. As for her hair, "I made a joke this morning when I was sitting next to Lambert," she says. "I said, 'I don't think there is room enough in the frame for both of our hair.'"

"I was happy with my fabulous pants," Crystal Bowersox says. "I had them custom made. They're like drapes. And the guitar was be-jeweled and Bedazzled."

For most of the guys, especially Michael, all the focus went to picking the right tune and projecting those voices. "Who wasn't surprised by the results last week!" says Lynch. "I was having a really tough time finding a song this week," he admits. So when Magnus suggested "In the Ghetto," "I listened," he adds. "It was a no brainer."

Lee DeWyze chose to soak up all of Lambert's advice and make sure really saw "that I could be fun and smile," he says. "I knew I could be a bit more lively."

Such a warm reaction from the judges this week on his rendition of "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" had Tim Urban a little shocked. "I didn't know what was happening," he says. "I didn't know what to say, but it was cool."

Another shocker? Ellen's joke about Katie Stevens's "horny" performance. "A lot of horns in it," Ellen explained. Stevens admitted that made her "a little" uncomfortable. But she loves Ellen. "She's funny," she says. "It was good to have that humor, but I was little like, 'What?!'"

With his golden locks pulled back in a pony tale, Casey James said he didn't even hear the joke because he was busy reading backstage to avoid the judges comments affecting his performance. "If they say they didn't like something because someone changed up a song and you changed up your song, you're going to get nervous," he says. "So, I just don't want to listen."

Aaron Kelly, who at one point sang directly to Glee's Jane Lynch, didn't remember how she'd danced a swayed along with him. Why? "He was thinking of Selena Gomez," teased Lynche. "Or was it Miley?" "It changes every week," Kelly joked back.

Between quips with best bud DeWyze, Andrew Garcia pointed out that he was really impressed by Lambert's confidence during their mentor session. "He's been through the same thing so he had a lot to offer," he said of the guy who urged him to jazz up his "boring" performance. Michael Becker/FOX

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