Does Kate Gosselin Deserve to Stay on DWTS?

04/13/2010 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Kate Gosselin had her best performance so far on Dancing with the Stars Monday, earning support from the crowd and praise from the judges for her tango with partner Tony Dovolani. And though she still received the lowest score of the night, her face lit up with the satisfaction of someone who is showing improvement. But is it enough to keep her safe from tonight's elimination? readers weighed in:

"Finally a real smile! I was so glad she finally let go and trusted her partner! I hope she goes far in this competition! She has the potential if she trusts!" --Bobbie

"Ohhh Yeah! Ive been team kate from the start and I am soooo happy for her. She is doing better and better every week! All the haters need to shut up and go away! Kate is here to STAY! Goooooooooo Kate!" --Julie

But, of course, not everyone wants Gosselin to stay on the show:

"Kate still can’t dance for beans. She needs to be voted off, as soon as possible. Yes, she did improve, a little bit, but she still stinks. It would be awesome if America could vote for based on their dancing, rather than their other associations." --Jaz

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