Gossip Girl‘s Matthew Settle & Kelly Rutherford Make a ‘Good-Looking’ Couple – On TV

Gossip Girl‘s Matthew Settle & Kelly Rutherford Make a ‘Good-Looking’ Couple – On TV

03/19/2010 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Matthew Settle has no qualms admitting that his Gossip Girl character Rufus Humphrey and Kelly Rutherford's Lily van der Woodsen make the picture perfect couple on television.

"Yeah we do. We're good-looking," he tells PEOPLE at a Pampers with Dry Max launch event in New York. "I'm kidding. Kelly's beautiful -- and I just had my toupee redone, so I should look OK."

Jokes aside, are the Gossip Girl costars feeling pressure to spark an off camera romance?

"I don't know. I guess. I haven't heard anything from the fans that we should date, but I don't know," Rutherford tells PEOPLE.

The two have been leaning on each other since Settle's separation from his wife and throughout Rutherford's ongoing divorce."He's been really supportive," she says. "He's a great friend and I really appreciate that."

Adds Settle: "We're good friends. Kelly and I have a lot in common because we are supporting each other at this time in our lives."

Their most important bond, however, may be over their young children. Rutherford has a son Hermes, 3, and daughter Helena, 8 months, and Settle has a daughter Aven Angelica, 1. "We go to a lot of kids events together and bring the kids and it's a lot of fun," she says. They even have some play dates lined up for their children.

"We finished working for the hiatus, but we've got a few play dates coming up," Settle says. "We're going to take the kids out in the park and stuff." --Carlos Greer

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