A Tribute to Jersey Shore

A Tribute to Jersey Shore
photos courtesy MTV

01/22/2010 AT 12:00 AM EST

Saying goodbye to Jersey Shore last night was like living up the last few days of summer before going back to school. You had a blast, stayed up late, indulged in things that weren't good for you, and then, just like that, it's a return to normalcy and the banalities of every day life.

Jersey Shore, I'll miss you. You turned out to be so much more than I originally thought. And I know I'm not alone.

I'll admit it: Like many others out there, I'm a convert, lapping up all the humor and accidental charm of the show like a true fan. Looking back, the signs were there. I've loved Snooki's dancing from the start, and it came to a rousing finale last night with her solo dance party on the boardwalk. I even find her little fake cry (that nasally "waaaa!"), her penchant for animal prints and her ever-present fuzzy slippers completely endearing. And when Ronnie proclaimed his deep feelings for Sammi last night, I actually thought aloud, "Wow, what a sweet guy." Seriously.

Of course, there is a downside to Jersey Shore. As engaging as some of the housemates have become, there is a relatively serious side effect that comes with a season of the show. After eight episodes, a viewer's world warps slightly to fit the rules and ideals of a summer at the shore.

Case in point? On a relatively tame night out at a neighborhood bar last week, I found myself anxiously scanning the room, thoroughly convinced that a fight could break out at any moment. After sharing this phenomenon with a friend, she admitted that she, too, suffers from TMJS: Too Much Jersey Shore.

"I find MYSELF ready to fight at all times," lamented my pacifist pal.

TMJS aside, I'll definitely feel a sense of summers-lost nostalgia on my now-ordinary Thursday nights. But there's hope out there for Jersey Shore fans: In addition to rumblings about a new season (either with the season 1 cast or a new bunch of GTL-loving twenty-somethings), there's also whispers that my girl may get her own reality show, Snookin' For Love. I hope it’s on Thursdays. … Rennie Dyball

Tell us: Who will you miss from the Jersey Shore? What spin off do you want to see most?

photos courtesy MTV

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